Sex Therapy for men

•    Dissatisfied by the sexual frequency or pleasure in your life and relationships?
•    Difficulties sexually connecting with people you desire?
•    Dissatisfied with your ability to maintain or achieve an erection?
•    Struggling to talk with your partner about what you find arousing?
•    Having difficulties sustaining the sexual chemistry in your relationship?

If your sexual functioning or pleasure distresses you, it may be time to see a sex therapist.  

Sex therapy provides a safe, informed and respectful space to address a subject that frequently evokes fear, shame, and negative judgments.  Here are some common concerns with which sex therapy can help:

•    Addressing psychological issues interfering with sexual functioning
•    Improving sexual communication and needs assertion.
•    Integrating unconventional sexual desires into an intimate relationship.
•    Improving overall sexual satisfaction and pleasure.
•    Improving sexual satisfaction and pleasure when you are living with a sexual disorder.

Services provided for heterosexual, gay and bisexual men.

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