Upcoming Events

Rethinking Sex Addiction - A Sexual Health Approach to Psychotherapy

Integrating Sexual health into Medical and behavioral healthcare

  • Kennedy Health Alliance in Voorhees, NJ. June 15, 2018 - staff Training

Sexual and Gender Diversity training

  • Sponsored by the Prevention Research Center at the University of Maryland School of Public Health in collaboration with District of Columbia Department of Health (DOH) HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STD and TB Administration (HAHSTA) - June 22, 2018, Washington, DC - CE training

Previous Engagements

Integrating Sexual health into mental health and substance USE Disorder treatment

Rethinking Sex addiction - a sexual health approach to psychotherapy

    Group Treatment for Men with Out of Control Sexual Behavior

    • American Group Psychotherapy Association, 2015 & 2018 Annual Meetings

    Welcoming Sexual and gender Diversity into your Psychotherapy Practice

    SExual health learning community

    • CE training for behavioral health agencies in the DC metro area, University of Maryland, College Park - School of Public Health - Sept 2017
    • CE training for mental health agencies in Baltimore, MD, Behavioral Health Systems Baltimore - 2014 and 2015

    Out of control sexual behavior - Treatment interventions

    Advanced group therapy training - out of control sexual behavior treatment

    Adolescent behavioral and sexual health training initiative

    Sexuality & Gender Training Program

    • The Sexuality & Gender Training Program - CE training and technical assistance for behavioral health agencies who treat Baltimore City residents to integrate inclusive and culturally competent services for sexual and gender minorities.  Sponsored by Behavioral Health System Baltimore and launched Nov 2016. 

    Envision Sexual Health - A new treatment model for out of control sexual behavior

    • American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists, Annual Meeting, June 2013
    • Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health, panel presenter for the Problematic Sexual Behavior Advanced Training, Annual Meeting 2012
    • Bellevue Hospital, Psychiatric Grand Rounds, Mar 2012
    • Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, 2011 Annual Meeting
    • American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists, 2011 Annual Meeting
    • Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health, 2010 Annual Conference
    • American Group Psychotherapy Association, 2010 Annual Conference
    • Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality - Western Region, 2008 Annual Meeting
    • California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists, 2007 Annual Conference

    Sexual Health in Psychotherapy

    • George Washington University, Center for Integrative Medicine, staff training, Feb 2013
    • San Diego State University, Counseling & Psychological Services staff and intern training - Apr 2012, 2011 & 2010
    • California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists, North County Chapter, Apr 2010

    Don't See Me - When shame is toxic to sexual health

    • Sexual Compulsives Anonymous (Washington, DC), 2013 Spring Workshop
    • Jewish Family Service of San Diego, May 2009, staff training
    • Sexual Compulsives Anonymous (San Diego), 2007 Annual Conference, Keynote

    Sexual Health in Group Psychotherapy

    • American Group Psychotherapy Association, 2012 and 2011 Annual Meetings

    It Gets Better - Parenting strategies to prevent LGBTQ youth suicide

    • California Alliance for Healthy Minds, Mar 2011

    Gay Men & Intimacy - An exploration of desire and love

    • The San Diego LGBT Community Center, May 2010